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Flores Komodo tours provides the best trips and adventures for tour destinations Indonesia including Bali, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumba, Timoe, Alor, Lombok, Sumatera, and more.

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Flores Komodo Tours is all you need to explore the authentic Indonesia, a land with majestetic volcanoes, interesting flora and fauna that inhabit both the land and waters of this archipelago. Also people, tribe and the unique cultural traditions of this beautiful country.

Flores Tours

Since the government of Indonesia announced Flores as the premium tour destination Indonesia, many tourist from both international and domestic come to visit this wonderful Flores. Flores has plenty of amazing tour highlights that you can visit during your Flores trip and adventure. Flores is the perfect place for anybody who loves beaches, underwater wildlifes, mountain trekking, crater lakes, waterfalls, rare animals such as Komodo dragons, and traditional villages. Read more...

Komodo Tours

Komodo tours focus on boat trips, diving tours and trekking. There is also oportunity to relax on the beach, go swimming and snorkeling to see the gorgeous sub-marine wildlifes. Komodo tours can also be combined with Flores mainland tours depending on request of the clients. Read more...

Bali Tours

Bali is one of the most recommended tour destinations in Indonesia. It has all what people need for a memorable vacation. White sand beaches, tall mountains, crater lakes, stunning waterfalls, rivers, friendly people, culture and tradition are all things thatBali Tours consist of many excellent day tours, long trips and adventure activities combined with beyond tours from Bali to Komodo-Flores-Java-Borneo-Lombok-Sulawesi-Sumba-Timor-Alor including rismPapua. Read more...

Java Tours

Java tours offer amazing trips and adventures to the wonderful tour destinations Java. There are plenty of amazing highlights that you can visit in your vacation in Java island such as Borobudur and Prambanan temple, Bromo mount, Ijen crater lake and more. The roads are well maintained. There are also trains that connect the cities. If you are planning for a visit to Java island, your can start your trip from Jakarta, Yogyakarta or from Bali. Read more...

Orangutan Borneo Tours

For anybody who loves to see the Orangutans you can come to Borneo. You can visit the best national parks such as Kutai park and Tanjung Puting national park. These national parks are home to bornean Orangutans. You can also join our trips to explore Borneo. Read more...

Lombok Tours

Lombok is wonderful. This island is one of the most popular tour destinations Indonesia. Lombok offers beautiful beaches, sub-marine wildlifes, majestetic volcanoes, crater lakes and more. Some of the best places to visit in Lombok are gili-gili islands. There is also Tambora mountain in neighbouring island Sumbawa. Read more...

Sulawesi Tours

Sulawesi tours are amazing trips and adventures.

Sumatera Tours

Sumatera is one of the best tour destinations Indonesia. Its huge rainforest is home to sumateran tiger, Orangutan and sumateran elephant. Sumatera is one of the most wonderful destinations Indonesia, but less visited compared to Bali and Lombok. Read more...

Papua Tours

Bali Flores Komodo tours-trips and adventures offer excellent tour packages to the most wonderful tour destinations Indonesia.

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