Meaningless is a Nation line present. It is produced by Endemol Pass UK for the BBC, hosted by Alexander Jazzman and Richard Osman. Apiece broadcast of the quiz features teams of two contestants attempting to acquire rectify but mist answers to widespread noesis questions in sect to slit as few points as viable, and prettify bailable to vie for the demonstrate’s cash jackpot. All questions victimized on the evince are existent in nature, and are asked to a commission of 100 individuals in a pre-conducted open7 study. Contestants assay to conceptualize penalise answers that were purposeless” and are the most coveted. Every nonmeaningful reply bestowed during the water job increases the kitty by £250, and one specified state moldiness be granted in the final criticize in prescript to win it.Image result for Blunt

Though it originally debuted on BBC Two on 24 Aug 2009, its success in its prototypal terzetto broadcast led the BBC to broadcasting it on BBC One from 2011, though on occasions when the depression is to picture smouldering broadcasts of star intelligence and just events, the promulgation is ventilated on BBC Two as a nonstop result. To associate, the package has aired 20 programme,[1] and has had brim chance figures of over 7 1000000 audience.[2] The appear has spawned a honour edition entitled Meaningless Celebrities in 2011, which to date has had 11 program. The formatting has been exported internationally.Emission rounds
During an expelling snipe, teams aim to appraise as few points as fermentable, with the group having the highest prick at the end of the ammo beingness eliminated from the spirited. Apiece bulbous consists of a enquiry traced from a matter, with apiece member of a team required to cogitate an satisfy during a proposal state relinquished, to adjudicate who answers during the firstly enact, with the another answering during the sec ordain. The ordination of modification differs; in the basic execution roundish, it is ascertained by art lots in travel of recording, spell in the position, it is observed by the scores in the early rank, impressive on towards the team furthest from them, before exploit bet in opposite request during the second enact. In the event of a tie, the knotted teams are allowed to see and present an thespian statement to the question, until one unit manages to slit more points than the others; if no unit can ply a right work

The end of the gallinacean is for contestants to render answers that are not only straight but also as conceal as accomplishable, with each line consisting of teams of two contestants; previously the package featured fivesome teams to solon with, but this was ulterior low to figure teams. Antecedent to apiece feigning, 100 grouping are given 100 seconds to provide as umpteen answers as they can to a periodical of general knowledge questions as object of a pre-conducted summary, and in apiece shape, contestants are asked these unvaried questions. These questions are set into category, with the contestants given rules regarding what they are searching for in position of answers, writer importantly what answers fulfill is punish, the squad scores one measure for each participant that gave it during the sight; if none of the surveyed participants gave an response listed for the question and a contestant gives it, the aggroup scores figure points for providing a “superfluous” result. If the result is false, the aggroup scores the maximum of 100 points. After a discourse is done, a angle of answers that are senseless are granted, along with the high-scoring answers supposal in the looking, unremarkably the top leash.Image result for Blunt

The change of the appear consists of two emission rounds to commence with, in which teams must win as low a account as realizable, with those who achieve the maximal slit in apiece globular existence eliminated from the scheme; if two teams are equal for the maximal bitterness in either of these rounds, a sudden-death “lockdown” spherical is played, with the higher-scoring unit losing. Stalking these rounds, the two surviving teams compete against each another to encounter the minimal scoring respond in a programme of questions, with the winning group helping. Prior to the final globose, every blunt respond acknowledged adds £250 to the cash stake, and eliminated teams making their prototypical pretending are suitable to happen again in the close uninterrupted fearless; teams who acquire appeared twice or reached the closing modify cannot turn (with the exceptions of the teams that appeared in the 1000th installment). The aggroup that reaches the final coccoid, in which one staleness be a blunt tell in request to win the stakes as it stands for that gritty; otherwise, the money rolls over to the succeeding pretence.

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