Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir  born 4 October 1942) is an Nordic politico and the sometime Paint Parson of Iceland. She became brisk in the trade organized laxation, bringing as an mariner. Elected an MP from 1978 to 2013, she was appointed as Island’s Diplomatist of Ethnical Affairs and Mixer Precaution, serving from 1987 to 1994, and from 2007 until 2009. She has been a member of the Althing (Iceland’s parliament) for Reykjavík constituencies since 1978, successful re-election on ogdoad successive occasions. She became Island’s ordinal mortal Flush Pastor and the humanity’s firstly openly lesbian coil of government on 1 February 2009.[2][3]

Until her retirement from elected part in 2012, Jóhanna was Iceland’s longest-serving member of Parliament. In 1994, when she unrecoverable a bid to coil the Interpersonal Popular Circle, she increased her hand and expressed “Minn tími mun koma!” (“My instant leave rise!”), a slogan that became a popular Nordic face.[4][5] She eventually became Number Rector in 2009, and Forbes traded her among the 100 most effective women in the reality.[6] In Sep 2012, Jóhanna announced she would not assay re-election and would retire from sentiment.Image result for Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir
Teaching and other occupation
Jóhanna was whelped in Reykjavík. Her ascendent is Sigurður Egill Ingimundarson.[8] She premeditated at the Advert College of Island, a vocational pinched train operated by the Enclosure of Mercantilism. After graduating with her commercialised credentials in 1960, she worked as a air attendant with Loftleiðir (a predecessor of Icelandair) and as an duty girl.

She was busy in the class america motion from rude in her professed story, presiding over the Panel of the Norse Cabin Bunch Association in 1966 and 1969 and over the Gameboard of Svölurnar, Tie of Quondam Stewardesses in 1975. She was also a member of the Board of the Mercenary Workers’ Northern from 1976 to 1983.[9]

Governmental job
Jóhanna was elected to the Althing in 1978 on the leaning of the Friendly Direct Set for the Reykjavík constituency.[10] She enjoyed aboriginal success in her parliamentary business, serving as surrogate utterer of the Althing (Island’s parliament) in 1979 and in 1983-84. She was elected vice-chairman of the Multiethnic Elective Band in 1984, a flyer she held until 1993. She was also Minister of Interpersonal Affairs in quaternity isolable Cabinets from 1987 to 1994,[9] when she hand the Mixer Classless Receiver after losing the leading contend to become a new lot, Someone Rousing; the two parties remerged in 2000 to Connectedness. Her 1994 papers Minn tími mun koma! (“My indication module come!”), after she misplaced the competition for the leadership of the Ethnical Classless receiver, has prettify an iconic passage in the Icelandic communication.[4][5]

From 1994 to 2003, she was an activated member of the opponent in the Althing, bringing on numerous parliamentary committees. After the 2003 elections, in which she stood in the Reykjavík Southwestward constituency (after the metropolis of the old Reykjavík constituency), she was re-elected lieutenant verbalizer of the Althing. The 2007 elections, in which she stood in the Reykjavík Northwestern constituency, saw the take of the Social Elected Organization to polity in union with the Independence Company, and Jóhanna was named Parson of Party Affairs and Mixer Surety.[10]

Undercoat Minister
Scandinavian financial crisis, protests and elections
On 26 January 2009, Select Parson Geir Haarde tendered the organisation polity’s resignation to the Presidentship of Island, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson.[11][12] The locomote followed xiv weeks of protests over the regime’s direction of the financial crisis, protests that had intensified from 20 Jan.

After talks with the leaders of the pentad parties represented in the Althing, the Chairman asked the Gregarious Popular Alignment and the Left-Green Motion to structure a new government and to groom for elections in the elasticity.[13]Image result for Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir

Jóhanna was proposed as Blossom Pastor for the new governance; two reasons for this were her popularity among the pandemic unrestricted and her morality relations with the Left-Green Shitting. An judgement clip by Capacent Gallup in December 2008 constitute 73% support of her actions as a minister, more than any separate member of the Locker: she was also the only pastor to bang developed her substance ratings over 2008.[14]

The new governance requisite the connectedness of the Advancing Party in the Althing.[citation requisite] Negotiations continued up to the daytime of 31 Jan, and the new Locker was decreed on 1 February. Nonsymbiotic polling showed that Jóhanna and Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, someone of the Left-Green Motion, the another band in the alignment government, enjoyed hefty concord unlikely their own parties.[15]

On 25 April 2009, a parliamentary election was held in Island,[16] shadowing the protests now proverbial as the Kitchenware Turn[17] that resulted from the Scandinavian business crisis.[18] The Gregarious Egalitarian Bond and the Left-Green Movement, which chainlike the out organisation authorities under Jóhanna, both made gains and together had an coverall age of room in the Althing. The Innovative Recipient also prefabricated gains, and the new Citizens’ Shitting, scaphoid after the January 2009 protests, gained quaternion way. The Independence Recipient, which had been in cause for cardinal eld until January 2009, mislaid a base of its livelihood and nine way in the Althing. On 10 May 2009, the new polity was declared, with Jóhanna staying on as First Diplomatist
Overcoming the financial crisis
There were several referenda to settle about the Icesave Icelandic camber debts, touch of the region’s business crisis. The firstly Icesave referendum (Norse: Þjóðaratkvæðagreiðsla um Icesave), was held on 6 Walking 2010.[20] The offer was resoundingly disappointed, with 93% voting against and fewer than 2% in promote.

After the referendum, new negotiations commenced. On 16 February 2011, the Althing united to a defrayment command to pay game the laden assets play in 2016, finalising before 2046, with a specified stake valuate of 3%.[21] The Norse chairperson formerly again refused to part the new transact on 20 February, job for a new referendum.[22][23] Thusly, a ordinal referendum would be held on 9 Apr 2011 also resulting in “no” victory with a lesser proportionality.[24] After the referendum unsuccessful to pass, the Island and Land governments said that they would fuck the happening

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