Bali Tours

Bali Tours consist of many excellent day tours, long trips and adventure activities combined with beyond tours from Bali to Komodo-Flores-Java-Borneo-Lombok-Sulawesi-Sumba-Timor-Alor including Papua. All the tours are available for solo traveler, couple, family or small group.

Bali Tour Prices

Our Bali tour prices vary according to how many inclusions in the prices. Most of our tours have plenty of inclusions to make it simple for our clients in calculating the whole tour cost. If you find the tour prices, please read the inclusions carefully to avoid misunderstanding between you and us.

Bali Tour Guides

All tour guides in our Bali Team are friendly and competent. We speak English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. Chinese and Japanese are available on request. Book your trip with us and enjoy a very special experience with our team.

Bali Drivers

One of the most important key in Bali trip is a driver. Many roads are small and winding. There are also many motorbikes in towns, which makes it not comfortable for you to driver the car your sef. For this reason we have friendly and experienced drivers who know the Bali roads very well. It is important for your safety.

Bali Tour providers

As one of the trusted Bali tour providers we kindly offer to professionally plan your vacation in Bali-Indonesia. We are experts for Bali trips. Our tours are arranged in a flexible way. You can share with us anything you want to do in Bali and let our team create a suitable tour package for your Bali holiday.

Bali Tourist Informations

On this website you will find many informations for tourists that will help you in planing your vacation in Bali. We had some tourist information counters in some tourism centers in Bali before, but now they are all closed due to COVID 19 case. Since a few months we have been focusing online to reduce the meetings and face to face communications with so many different people.

Bali Tours consist of 4 main tour packages:

Bali Day Tours/ Trips
Bali Day Tours / Trips are private tours with English speaking driver and comfortable car. All the tours include lunch, drinking water and all entrance fees limited for specific highlights that included in the programme.

Bali Round Trips
Bali Round Trips invite us to see the most breathtakingly beautiful rice-paddys, white or black sand beaches, visit the stunning temples, trek the majestetic mountains and experience the unique local culture. We can also explore the amazing submarine wildlifes around the island and in the neighbouring islands.

Bali Adventure Activities
Bali adventure activities include rafting, diving, snorkeling, fishing, ATV ride, cycling, trekking, surfing, water sports and more. All the activities are ready for a combination with day tours or long trips according to the customer's request.

Bali And Beyond Tours
Bali and beyond tours are special for customers who have much time to spend for a holiday in Indonesia. These tours are amazing long trips starting from Bali, then continue by boat or flights for a visit to the other islands. It can be more than one or two weeks according to the itinerary.

Bali Amazing Activities

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