Komodo National Park-Flores

Komodo National Park Flores Indonesia is one of the highly recommended tour destinations Indonesia. Komodo National Park belongs in the Komodo Sub-District of Manggarai District in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara. Komodo National Park was established in 1980. The Park was also declared a World Heritage Site and A Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986. Komodo National Park includes both land and marine areas: The islands were declared a national park to protect the endangered Komodo dragons and their environment, as well as biodiversity of the islands. The marine park was established to protect the high diversity of marine life in the waters surrounding the islands, some of the richest on the planet.
The main islands are Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, Gili Motang and Nusa Kode, but there are many smaller islands included as well. Komodo National Park covers 1,817 square kilometers (60,300ha) and the marine waters total 1,214 square kilometers (121,400ha). Komodo Island is approximately 37km long and 22km wide and about 336km2. Rinca is approximately 24km long and 21km wide and about 16km2. Padar is approximately 8km long and 2km wide and about 16km2. Gili Motang is 10km2 and Nusa Kode is 7km2.
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